Project News 2020-03-24

Today we decided to move the project into EURAFRI Networking which is a NPO project of initiator Karl and Markus. Based on this decision we have have a fully working organization environment making the HelpEurope.NET a non-profit project with a organization background.

About EURAFRI Networking – Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs project

The EURAFRI Networking Platform starts the project Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs in the context of the current corona virus situation. The current facts speak for themselves: The Corona Virus will probably appear in every country and it should be noted in advance that the EURAFRI team is not really afraid of the virus itself. Rather, there are purely economic concerns that entrepreneurs and companies can encounter. EURAFRI founders Karl and Markus, together with the respective CTS national companies in Austria and Germany, have also been heavily involved in crisis preparedness as part of special measures (corona) by authorities and blackouts since 1985.

The reactions of politicians and forces in Italy shows which drastic measures can be ordered in each country. As a result of the measures, companies are threatened by the following risks:

  • Dramatic drop in sales
  • Massive payment defaults, or customers slipping into bankruptcy
  • Failure of IT support personnel due to a possible quarantine
  • Non-existent, secured remote maintenance access
  • Missing facilities from secure home workplaces
  • Lack of inventory at the server location to enable IT-staff to survive there for 4 weeks without outside contact.

Through EURAFRI membership, EURAFRI members have essential parts and are prepared for the upcoming crises. The decentralized Riot Messenger and the Business Forum, which are operated directly in the EURAFRI Office, offers an unmonitorable communication option as long as the internet connectivity is up. Through the establishment of EURAFRI as a non-profit business networking organization, membership offers the opportunity to communicate with other entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa on an equal footing, to help each other with problems and to open up business areas through new partnerships or joint ventures start.

Getting to know new people, entrepreneurs and companies in a friendly EURAFRI environment offers the opportunity to recognize new opportunities and form partnerships. Under the Corona measures, entrepreneurs will probably also need new partners to finance the gaps caused by the measures.

EURAFRI founder Karl, a specialist in the areas of coaching and consulting for expansion or market entry, mergers & acquisitions in Western and Eastern Europe, turnaround management, bankruptcy defense, IT solutions, IT renovations and dirty jobs will be happy to contribute his knowledge to discussions with members .

About HelpEurope.NET

This project is a ongoing effort to build up a IT security and support team which is willing to help all operators of critical infrastructure for free during Corona times. Project is brandly new and we are mid in setting up things. So be patient..

This is a non-commercial project. Please share and boost the link wherever you feel it helps the project.

If you are a expert, feel free to get yourself listed here and join our Riot discussion.

If you are system, software or security expert please join us here and on Riot. It is not only IT staff is failing due to infection, we are also 100% sure that all of these fast installed home office workplaces will destroy hundreds of servers and infrastructures and also some real attacks on infrastructure will happen. Furthermore all of these past setup errors will come up now.